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All plans include WordPress Web Hosting, Chasi Support, Security, and Custom Domains.

Pay yearly to save up to 18% off, with more than a month for free! 🥰



Paid monthly. $228/yr.

5GB + 10k visits/mo

If you're new to website building, this plan is perfect for you.

  • Core


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Paid monthly. $408/yr.

15GB + 100k visits/mo

Perfect for ambitious individuals aiming to scale their business ventures.

  • Core
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Tools
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Paid monthly. $780/yr.

35GB + 500k visits/mo

Includes all the elements a design agency would require.

  • Core
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Tools
  • Premium Integrations
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Unlike our competitors, we believe in simplicity when it comes to pricing.


Everything you need for WordPress to just work.

Chasi Products Core WordPress 3
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • SSL Security & Firewall
  • Custom Domain
  • Spam Protector
  • Cookie Consent
  • Lightspeed Cache
  • WordPress Importer
Chasi Products Core OpenLiteSpeed 4
Chasi Products Core WordFence
Chasi Products Core Divi
Chasi Products Core Gravity Forms
Chasi Products Core Instant Images 3
Chasi Products Core DiviSupreme


Unleash Your Store’s Potential with Chasi.

Chasi Products Online Store Woo Commerce 1
WooCommerce, Shipping, Photo Reviews, Manual Orders, Coupons, Deposits, Payment Plans, and Payment Providers.
Chasi Products Online Store Stripe
Chasi Products Online Store Apple Pay
Chasi Products Online Store Google Pay
Chasi Products Online Store Square
Chasi Products Online Store Paypal
Chasi Products Online Store Venmo
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Rankmath SEO
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Google Analytics
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Google Reviews
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Meta
Chasi Products Marketing Tools TripAdvisor
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Yelp
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Instagram
Chasi Products Marketing Tools Facebook
Chasi Products Marketing Tools YouTube

Marketing Tools

Take your business to the next level.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Reviews Feed
  • Lead Capture
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Feeds
  • Social Chat Widgets
  • Fluent CRM Newsletters

Premium Integrations

Streamline Your 3rd Party Applications.

Customer Relations Tools, Store Products CSV Importer, Gift Cards, Clover Payments, Custom Scripts, Form Partial Entries, Form Image Choices, Form Surveys, and Form Integrations.
Chasi Products Premium Integrations Tidio
Chasi Products Premium Integrations Intercom
Chasi Products Premium Integrations HubSpot
Chasi Products Premium Integrations ShipStation
Chasi Products Premium Integrations
Chasi Products Premium Integrations HelpScout
Chasi Products Premium Integrations PayPal
Chasi Products Premium Integrations Slack
Chasi Products Premium Integrations Square
Chasi Products Premium Integrations Recaptcha
Chasi Products Premium Integrations Twilio
Chasi Products Premium Integrations zapier

“Excellent system. Chasi makes it way easier than WordPress to create smooth and beautiful websites. Also it has saved my clients time and money. Can’t recommend Chasi enough!”


“An amazing Web builder, where you get so much more for your buck than other web builders like wix or elementor.”


This is the only choice if you want a quick, professional, triple A website with some of the best in the business!”


Chasi Website Builder did such an amazing job on my company website. I highly recommend the team at Chasi – you’ll be in great hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! All Chasi plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Whats included with my Chasi plan?

At Chasi, we are committed to offering comprehensive support to ensure your website stays up-to-date and in line with your evolving business needs. Here’s what you can expect with your Chasi subscription:

Free Minor Updates

Understanding that small changes are part of maintaining a fresh and relevant website, we offer free minor updates to a certain limit. This includes small text revisions and photo swaps, allowing you to keep your content current without any additional costs.

Scope of Free Updates

To ensure clarity, our free updates cover textual modifications and image replacements within the existing layout and structure of your website. These changes are perfect for updating company news, blog posts, product descriptions, staff bios, and similar content.

Additional Pages and Major Revisions

For more significant updates, such as adding new pages, redesigning large sections of your site, or incorporating new functionalities, our skilled team is ready to assist. These larger updates are subject to design fees, which we will clearly communicate before proceeding.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to costs. Any design fees for major updates will be discussed and agreed upon in advance, ensuring there are no surprises.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Our team is not just here to execute changes; we’re here to advise you on the best practices and latest trends in web design. We aim to be your trusted partner in keeping your website at its best.
Your Chasi subscription is designed to offer you peace of mind and flexibility, catering to both routine updates and more significant website enhancements as your business grows and evolves.

Can I switch plans?

Absolutely! After signing up you may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

How do I make my site mobile friendly?

All our templates are mobile friendly and our visual web builder has various modes for different screen sizes for easy visual editing.

Will I be able to build my own website?

Absolutely! Our web builder is super easy to use and our free templates make it super easy to get started. Need help? Don’t worry! We are still here to help, find community support, and tutorials, or hire a verified Agency to build your masterpiece.

How do I use a custom domain?

You can purchase a custom domain during signup and in your Chasi account. If you have purchased a domain from a third-party, please follow this tutorial.

What about email accounts?

We highly recommend using a third-party email accounts such as Gmail or Zoho mail. We find it most stable and reliable to use a trusted email provider.

Can I buy more data storage?

You bet! Upgrade to the next plan for more storage, if you’re on a Premium plan you may purchase an additional 10GB or 25GB.

Do you sell domains?

We do! You may purchase a domain through Chasi when signing up for your plan (available soon). For the time being, you may point a domain that you already own to your Chasi website after the signup process.

Do I need to know how to code?

Chasi uses a front end visual editor, the Divi Builder, so no coding is required. Chasi is built to cover all skill levels so its super easy to get rolling!

Should I hire a web designer or web developer?

Chasi offers incredible user-friendliness, but if you’re occupied and would rather leave your design in the hands of experts. Our team is here help you and we guarantee top-notch quality for our customers.

What about a landing page?

You only need a landing page for now? No worries we have plently of landing page templates. Get started today and finish your website later!

What about hosting and paying for a domain?

When you create your website on Chasi, hosting is included for free. Chasi gives you an out-of-the-box ready to go website. Just sign up, select a template and start editing. You can also buy a custom domain on Chasi or point a domain to Chasi that you bought from a third-party. If you hire a Verified Chasi Agency, they will handle all the setup and domain management for you!

Pick the plan that works best for you

Chasi makes it simple to create stunning WordPress websites with the Divi Builder. From personal information sites, to on-demand deployable instances, we have you covered.





WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Importer

SSL Security, Firewall, and Spam Blocker

Custom Domain

Monthly Visits




Additional Vists

Up to 50 Million


5 GB

15 GB

35 GB


Gravity Forms

Divi Builder

Divi Supreme

Instant Images

Litespeed Cache




Photo Reviews

Manual Orders



Payment Plans

Square Inventory Sync

eCommerce Payments


Apple Pay

Google Pay





RankMath SEO

SEO Tools

Lead Capture

FluentCRM Mailing Lists

Google Analytics

Reviews Feed

Social Chat Widget

Facebook Feed

Twitter Feed

YouTube Feed

Instagram Feed

Premium Integrations

HubSpot CRM

Custom Scripts

Clover Payments

Gift Cards


Store Products CSV Importer



Gravity Forms Premium Integrations


Help Scout


Image Choices

Partial Entries








Chasi Grows With You

Unlock additional features effortlessly by incorporating our premium integrations, propelling your agency or enterprise to new heights.

Chasi Home Page Icon Chasi Core


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Marketing Tools

chart connected

Premium Integrations